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First Aid Policy

At Air Space we work hard to ensure that all customers have a safe and fun time. All participants undertake a safety briefing and our Air Crew are trained to intervene where customers do not follow the Safety Rules. However, despite this, some injuries will occur in trampoline parks since the activity has significant inherent risks. Because of this we have a dedicated first aider on duty at all times qualified to National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (“NAEMT”) Trauma First Responder level. The advanced level of training allows delivery of analgesic gases in certain circumstances.

What can you expect if you are injured?

The level of treatment that you will be offered will depend on the nature of the injury. For minor bumps and scrapes you will be offered first aid as appropriate. For more serious injuries you will be evacuated from the trampolines via an evacuation chair or Combi-Carrier®. You may be offered Entonox gas if you have significant pain levels. We will talk with any injured parties and recommend what we see as the best course of action. In some cases this may be to go to hospital by private transport or, if required, we will organise for an ambulance to attend the park.

If we suspect a spinal injury our highly trained staff will assess what is best for you. It is very likely that the best course of action will be to immobilise you prior to removal from the unstable environment of the trampoline beds to the safety of the first aid room where ambulance crews can further evaluate the situation.

Why do we move suspected spinal injuries?

Paramedics and ambulance crews are not specifically trained to work in the unstable environment of a trampoline bed and so would be hampered in their ability to assist. Our teams are specifically trained in the best methods to approach, immobilise and evacuate an injured person from a trampoline bed to a place where the emergency services can work effectively. This approach is consistent with best practice in challenging physical environments such as swimming pools, beaches or mountain rescue.

In all cases we will ask you for some basic details in order to complete the necessary paperwork. We may call you after the incident to ascertain the nature of any injuries especially if you tell us you are going to go to hospital.